The Grand Prix of India can be slumped in 2014

The Grand Prix in India is one of the recent events that are taking place in Formula 1 among many other events. The spokesman of a Jaypee Group said that the contract with the Grand Prix of India was to be until 2015, and the Buddh international Circuit that is in India had the responsibility to the host the races of formula one even though the boss of formula one was not keen. Not less than five races were given
to India through the concord agreement.

The calendar of the Formula 1 is looking forward to drop the Grand Prix of India in 2014. This happens shortly after the boss of Formula 1 was heard saying that it will be very political to host the Formula 1 race in Greater Noida.

As Ecclestone was speaking in the Grand Prix that was organized by the Hungarian, Ecclestone mentioned that the event would be a nightmare because of political reasons. Therefore, there is no possibility of formula one taking place from 2014. But there are still twenty two countries that would wish to host the Formula One race in 2014. Even though Russia prepares for a way that they can join Formula 1, some teams such as New Jersey has been lining up. However, for the performance to be optimal, not more than twenty avenues are preferred by the Formula 1teams. Since the twenty avenues cannot be short-listed easily, the Indian GP’s tipping point would be a concern over Formula 1 high local taxation.

Formula one began in 2011, but from that time only two formula one races has been hosted by the Buddh International Circuit. The Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel emerged the winner of these two formula 1 races. Niggling have been issues that involve receiving tax on cars as well as machines that have been used in the race even if the previous response to the track was considered to produce a positive outcome. The opportunities of holding on to the October date in India with the motorsport look as if it will be bright. But what do you think in relation to the expectations of Indian Grand Prix in some years to come?

The Formula 1 calendar is always planned by Ecclestone. The planned calendar is then submitted for ratification and the International Automobile Federation has the responsibility of ratifying the calendar that Ecclestone has issued to them. He recently has a potential of twenty two races that are looking for space. Therefore, not more than twenty races are preferred by the teams that are taking part in Formula one.

Some people have been suggesting that they will not go for the Formula 1 race because of the taxes that they pay for. In addition, for those who have already invested or those who are thinking of investing in Formula 1, India would be an important market. Therefore, you will be ashamed if you cannot solve out such problems.

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