FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) Bans Media from the Pit Lane

Arranged on a twisty and a much narrower lane, racing on Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix can be very tricky. A showcase of some of the brilliant and dramatic wins of a
Formula 1 race, this year’s show is almost nearing. First held in 1936, the race got stalled for 50 years due to unstable political circumstances. But since 1986, this championship has been regularly held in Hungary with millions of viewers either glued to the TV or arriving in person to watch the tight race.

On the latest move on the Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix to be held on July 28, 2013 (Sunday) at Hungaroring in Mogyoród near Budapest, Hungary, the FIA has put a ban on the presence of media in the pit lanes to ensure better safety in the venue. Usually, the media personnel always had the freedom
to freely move around the Grand Prix premises and around the team garages. Now following the sudden accident of cameraman Paul Allen, who got struck by a loose wheel of a Red Bull racing car during this year’s German Grand Prix and broke his collarbone and ribs, FIA had quickly sat down in a meeting and decided to announce the ban on the media people and any other nonessential personnel from the pit lane, effective from the upcoming Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix.

However after this announcement go into action, the media people mostly have to be confined within
the pit wall and this includes the qualifying matches for the Grand Prix too. There had been news that FIA was looking ahead to some changes in the rulebooks of the Grand Prix, set to be implemented from 2014 but the recent accident at Nurburgring, Germany changed the whole viewpoint of the safety at the racing venue. In the announcement, FIA also ensures that the ban has been extended to “anyone other than event marshals and team personnel”.

In another quick move, FIA has also decided to arrange for immediate implementation of two more rules that were sitting in the pipeline to be finalized for 2014. These will include rules to slow down speed near the pit lane and obligatory improved head protection gears for the team personnel near the pit lane and team garages working on cars.

As per the statement, “FIA on the initiative of its President, Jean Todt, will also be seeking ways to prevent such accidents happening in the future by making changes in the Formula One Sporting Regulations. In connection to this, FIA will also work closely with the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) in approving the two planned changes in the sporting regulation at the earliest.” In the extended
statement, FIA also clears on the regulations as to be “The changes are:

 Article 23.11, which will now require all team personnel working on a car during a pit stop to
wear head protection;
 Article 30.12, which will provide for a reduction of the pit lane speed limit during races from
100km/h to 80km/h (with the exception of Melbourne, Monaco and Singapore, where due to
track configuration the limit remains at 60km/h).”
Hope the necessary changes of the sporting rules will make the Formula 1 Grand Prix venue safer and lot
more agreeable.

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