“Young drivers test in Abu Dhabi” get an insight of this Yas marina circuit event!

Now what’s next after the Sunday Abu Dhabi extraordinary grand prix race? Did this mark the end of formula 1 event in Abu Dhabi? Not at all, right from Tuesday for three consecutive days there has been a three-day young drivers test in Yas Marina. Do you have an idea about this event?

Six teams have been undergoing the test at marina; this comes following the other teams earlier tests in France and Silverstone in United Kingdom. What are the teams racing? Who emerged as the winner? This is what this write up will unveil, so come with me!

Are you aware of the six teams which participated in this event?

The following are the teams which participated in the just concluded young drivers test in Marina.

Red Bull

This was under the control of Antonio Felix da costa and his team mate Robin Frijns who steered the wheel the third day which ended yesterday. Antonio from Portugal and Robin a Dutchman had a lot of expectations due to their long experience in the past races i.e. in Renault championship in 2012 and Seoul Korea. But did this ambitious team proved the point in the just completed young drivers test?


Gary Paffett the DTM star 31 years old and Oliver Turvey a long experienced Briton who is 25 years old represented Mclaren in the young drivers test in Yasmin


This had three drivers who staged a competitive race against the other 5 teams. Nicolas Prost was on stage on the opening day, Edoardo came on Wednesday and finally the experienced Mortara summed up the deal on the final day.


Esteban Gutierrez was on the wheel on the second and the final day on Thursday following his core driver Robin Frijns commitment in the final day with the Redbull. This means that Frijns was the man behind the wheel in the opening day of the test race.

Toro Rosso

This was under the control of the GP2 runner-up Luiz Razia and Johnny Cecotto Junior. Razia started the race on Tuesday and Wednesday and Cecotto summed up the race in the final day.


This was under the mercies of Giedo van Garde and the great Alexander Rossi.

The results of the Young drivers test in Yas Marina!

The GP2 champion exhibited his great skill by taking the lead in the completed young drivers test in the Yas Marina circuit. Making a record of the fastest lap for Lotus, Valsecchi was the man of the race a head of  Mclaren’s Kelvin Magnussen.

Valsecchi who concentrated on aerodynamics on top of the DRS iterations the material morning before he could change to drum testing in the afternoon a thing which allowed him to attain the required momentum to propel him to the winning line. The Italian champion was very thrilled as he said that his win was a great experience for him!
The performance of the young drivers Test analysis is presented

  • Davide Valsecchi, Lotus, 1m 42.677s, 86 Laps
  •  Kevin Magnussen, McLaren, 1m 42.827s, 51 Laps
  •  Esteban Gutierrez, Sauber, 1m 43.093s, 80 Laps
  •  Robin Frijns, Red Bull, 1m 43.233s, 53 Laps
  •  Oliver Turvey, McLaren, 1m 43.604s, 44 Laps
  •  Luiz Razia, Toro Rosso, 1m 45.286s, 68 Laps
  • Alexander Rossi, Caterham, 1m 46.485s, 85 Laps

Now, does this Lotus win reflect its superiority for formula 1 race? Do we expect the same experience come 16th to 18th in Austin Texas?

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