Upcoming formula 1 race in Bahrain: An exciting event in the sand dunes of Bahrain

The Formula One racing fans are now eagerly waiting for the upcoming Bahrain Grand Prix which is due to start in less than 17 days. To be more precise, this prestigious 2013 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix will kick off on April 19, 2013 and it will continue to excite the spectators in following few days.

In many ways, the Bahrain Grand Prix is a special event of its own kinds. It is the first Formula One Grand Prix to be held in the Middle East in 2004 and it was also awarded as the “Best Organised Grand Prix” by the FIA in the same year. It continued to repeat its success in the following years even though this event also faced a number of issues and controversies as well.

The saga of Bahrain Grand Prix began with the construction of Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir in the year 2002. It was an attempt to provide a promising future to the next generation of Bahraini racers and also create a better image for Bahrain. Bahrain had to rigorously compete with other neighbouring countries like the United Arab Emirates Egypt and Lebanon for the prestigious opportunity to host Formula One Grand Prix. With the completed racing circuit in Sakhir, Bahrain finally became the centre of motor sport in the Persian Gulf and it now continues to organize different types of races now a day which includes but not limits to drag races, Formula 3 races, GT races, and the Australian V8 Supercar series.

The characteristics of Bahrain racing circuit are a little bit different from others. It has giant run-off areas which is a great thing for the drivers who stray off the track. However, the circuit has been also criticised for not punishing the drivers for this as well. Nevertheless, it is regarded as the safest tracks in the world since it tends to prevent sand getting onto the track. Another thing that is really absurd about the Bahrain grand prix is that the winners are not allowed to spray champagne after winning the race which is considered as the basic ritual of grand prix. Instead of champagne, the drivers spray Waard which is a non-alcoholic rosewater drink. Although alcohol is not illegal in Bahrain, no racer has ever attempted to spray champagne in the podium.

Even with the odd characteristics, the Bahrain Grand Prix have been really grand in the past years. The organizers are now planning the make the upcoming Formula One racing even more exciting this year. In addition to the race, there are lots of other attractions in the event which include extreme rides, concerts, clowns, acrobats, and so much more. This is indeed an event for the whole family rather than a single person. To make the race even more happening, there will be NE – YO who will be performing live at the event. A number of popular companies have become a part of this race and they are now eagerly waiting for the races to begin.


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