Top 6 Best Tourist Spots in Austin, TX


Founded in the year 1839, Austin was declared as the state capital of Texas. For  The Lake Traviscenturies, Austin took pride of its wonders in various areas most especially in its economy. It ranked 4th as the city that has the most residents in the state of Texas, it is also the one of the fastest growing large city in the United States of America in the year 2000 to 2006. Even today, Austin has many tourist destinations that are loved by many vacationers from different parts of the globe. Here is the list of tourist spots along with their descriptions:

Lake Travis

Tourists who love to go outdoors will really love going to Lake Travis. After getting tired for a long tour in the whole Austin City, the lake that extends to a length of 63 miles can take your heart away. It can also get rid of all the tired feelings that you have got from roaming around the glamour of Texas most particularly in Austin.

Zilker Park

During the summer season, both locals and tourists love to take a dip in the Barton Springs Pool that can be found and highlighted by the Zilker Park. After playing with hiking all over Lady Bird Lake, you can relax your senses in the beautiful Umlauf Sculpture and Zilker Botanical Gardens as part of the tourist spots in Austin, TX.

Mount Bonnell

Being one with nature along with your special someone is such a romantic atmosphere. If you use the place to propose to your girlfriend, you will never get a “no” as her answer. The romantic effect that the hilltop features a stunning view of Texas Hill Country and downtown skyline can truly wow you.

The East Sixth Street

East Sixth Street

Night partygoers will really love to be in the East Sixth Street every night. This is the  place where we can find bars that are packed with college girls dancing to the rhythm of live music. This is the street in Austin where cars are not allowed to pass in busy nights. Because of the high levels of fun, the whole street is filled by individuals who love to party.

Congress Avenue

The whole stretch of this avenue is from downtown until the end of South Austin. The main attractions in this place are the bats and restaurants. A little freaky to know that there are bats in the area, but it is the reality that bats gather beneath the Congress Avenue Bridge every spring. They migrate to Mexico in cold seasons and return to Austin by spring.

Lyndon Johnson Museum

This tourist destination is not just a typical museum. It also serves as a library for all locals and tourists that visit Austin, Texas.

The above-mentioned are the most visited tourist spots in Austin, TX. We can really say that Austin really can be proud of their landmarks and tourist destinations. Furthermore, it is not common to all countries that thousands to millions of bats are returning to the City after every migration from other countries.

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