What are the Safety Measures in F1?

F1 sport is all about exclusive and breathtaking speed! With this speed, the car can be a killing piece of auto-tech if precautions are not optimally taken and adhered to. In this regard, it becomes imperative to enhance all safety standards in these F1 vehicles to ensure that the drivers are absolutely safe in case of an accident in the race course. Safety precautions will range from the car’s design to the drivers protective gears. Let’s see how all of this is achieved.

The formula 1 cockpit safety system

The cockpit is technically made to safeguard the driver from all forms of impact. It’s made from a carbon monocoque.

Highly customized seat, a helmet and high quality safety belts also add to the driver’s safety in case of any emergency.

Six point harnesses is used to strap the formula one driver into cockpit. These include 2 pelvic straps, 2 shoulder straps and 2 leg straps just allowing the driver the freedom to steer the car. With this, the driver’s safety is guaranteed.



F1 monocoque- hard core

As a matter of fact, speed and safety are the two things which are crucial for all designers in the development of the formula one car. The monocoque checks the driver’s safety while the tyres and the aerodynamics check the speed. Made of carbon fiber, this safety cell is indestructible and is imperative for super safety of F1.

Monocoque is made from super effective materials. This includes carbon fiber which is composite and twice as strong as steel and 5 times lighter. it’s a combination of 12 carbon fiber mats layers. A honeycomb shaped aluminum layer is also inserted in between these mats increasing the rigidity of the monocoque. This makes it strong enough for maximum protection.Engineers are still in bountiful experiments trying to develop more advanced monocoque and in spite of the high standards achieved. This will go a long way in ensuring total drivers protection in case of an accident during the sport.

Driver’s clothing

In spite of all high-tech and computer technology inculcated into the race car system, this is not enough. There is a consistent enhancement of the racing overalls and the helmets used as protective gears by the drivers to protect them from injuries during emergencies and give them a sense of security.

The overalls are made of fireproof material which is in 5 layers. In addition, the boots, gloves and the underwear including the face masks are also made of special synthetic fiber. This can protect the driver against acids, caustic gases and they are also resistant to fire and heat. It’s amazing that the driver can survive for about 35 seconds in 850°C.


The helmet

This is customized to fit the respective drivers with high technical and expense.  The driver’s head is first scanned in order to create a life model which is then wrapped with 120 mats made of high performance fiber. This provides the high needed cushion to protect the drivers head in case of an accident.

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