Know the Prices of Tickets to the F1 Austin Race

whole racetrack mapThis coming November, we will all see the much-awaited Formula 1 racing. Have you bought your tickets for the race? You really need to be along side the racetrack for you to feel the thrills of being a spectator of the race. Continue reading this article for you to know how much you will need to prepare to secure   your own tickets for various seating areas.

General Admission

There are three spots in the whole racetrack wherein you can seat in the cheapest general admission area. The price for each general admission ticket is $159. That is the amount you need to prepare for you to be a race spectator and be seated near turns 7, 10, 18 and 19. This affordable seating location will be best for you can still see all the cars as they maneuver along the curves and turns of the whole track if you are strict when it comes to your finances. Buy your general admission tickets to the F1 Austin race now.

Grandstand Turn 11

Seating in near the F1 Austin racetrack turn 11 will definitely take your heart away. The turn number eleven is one of the hardest turns that all racers will be facing as they complete all the laps in the Formula 1 racing. Furthermore, spectators who will be seating in this area will take pride that they can capture snapshots on how all the racecar drivers drive on turn 11 with flipping their cars. For $269, you can position yourself in the grandstand turn 11 seats.

Grandstand Turns 2 to 5grandstand turn 11

At a reasonable price of $299, you can be seated in the seats where you can see all the racecars pass by in their top speeds. Racecar drivers can boost their engines to be first in the whole race when they are in turns 2 to 5. In less than $300, you can hear the cars’ engines as they vroom their way to be the champion car in the Formula 1 racing Austin

Lower Rows Grandstand Turn 12

The turn 12 lower rows seating area has the most expensive tickets to the F1 Austin race. Each ticket will cost us nearly $400 dollars. However, being in this area is enthralling and you can add this to your unforgettable experiences in life.

Upper Rows Grandstand Turn 12

Upper row seats of the grandstand turn 12 have the priciest tickets. The reason there is, here you can feel like you are driving one of the racecars. In the final lap, you can see who will be the champion for the 2012 Formula 1 Austin sprint race. In $499, you will be the first person to see who the top racers are.

 Choose the area to where you want to get a seat and purchase your own set of tickets for the whole family to enjoy the upcoming Formula 1 Grand race to be held in Austin, Texas. Do not waste any time for tickets are starting to run out. See you in the race proper!

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  1. Kathleen says:

    Which turn is a good deal?

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