Lewis Hamilton childhood life as a racer

The two thousand and eight formula one champion Lewis Hamilton was born in Stevenage England in nineteen eighty five. Hamilton has always had the passion of being an F1racer since the age of ten, when he approached Ron Dennis and stated that his wish was to race for McLaren. Three years later, this young star did not only make highlights in the world of racing, but become one of the recognizable young stars in the world. Hamilton racing career has not been a smooth race, as he participated in other programs and sports while he was still in school.

Hamilton’s father Antony Hamilton happens to be black while his mother is white, the two parents settled in the United Kingdom from Grenada in nineteen fifty’s and this become there lavishing home. At this time, Lewis Hamilton was working as an IT manager before he established his own computer company and become a full time contractor. Every family has its own problems and Hamilton’s parents could not solve theirs, due to this fact the couple got divorced and Lewis Hamilton moved with his loving mother and two sisters. Hamilton’s interest in racing cars started in nineteen ninety one, when his father gave him a radio remote car as a gift.

At the age of twelve, Hamilton moved back with his father who was now married to Linda as the second wife. Hamilton got along well will his step mother and bother by the name of Nicolas. Hamilton’s father played the role of a good parent and supported his son in racing, as long as he did not neglect the books as well. Hamilton’s first racing car was a remote control toy car and won championships club against other competitors who were older than him. His father noticed that his passion was growing and become better in racing. Because of this reason he bought a racing kart for his son during Christmas as a gift.

Mr. Antony Hamilton become Hamilton’s manager for a while, before handing over his position to Simon Fuller. Hamilton’s religion is never mentioned in the past life, but he is known to have attended a catholic high school in Hertfordshire at Stevenage. Hamilton was a kid known of multiple talents, he was good in football and also coped well when it came to cricket. Hamilton himself was sure of either becoming a footballer or a racer with his favorite team and focused on what he was perfect in.
Today Hamilton has become a world wide figure and role model too many young racers, his latest resolution for twenty thirteen is to race for Mercedes. This three year contract will earn him approximately sixty million pounds, which is worth a man of his talent and skills. The question whether Hamilton will race again for Mercedes after this contract is too early to ask, but Lewis Hamilton made it clear that he was looking forward to race again for the home team, although nobody knows how soon that will be.

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