Lady Drivers for Formula 1

Is formula 1 really a men’s race? Does it mean that women cannot succeed in wedging a serious competition against their men counterparts? Not at all, currently there are a lot of efforts by the governments and even the activists groups to ensure gender parity in all areas of life. Formula 1 race is not an exception when it comes to the question of gender, as over the past few years we have experienced the number of women participating in formula 1 increasing.Despite the fact that the number of women participating in this game are small as compared to male, women have equal opportunity and capacity to excel in formula 1. The question, which we should ask ourselves, is why is the number of women turning up for this race small, is it because women have no interest, is it that they lack the opportunity to explore the game, or is it naturally that ladies cannot make better drivers at all?There is a misleading impression that formula 1 is a men’s race but actually, there are still men who cannot even make to any level in formula 1. Is it that such male are not fully men? Or what is the thinking in such case?

A woman formula 1 driver

Reasons why the number of women drivers in formula 1 are less than their men counterparts

1.    Few women icons who have pursued the career

Unlike the high number of men aspirants and already successful participants out there, few women are interested in this career hence results in low number of women participants. A boy child as he grows will like to be like those people who have excelled in such race e.g. Sebastian Vettel but what about the girl child?

2.     High focus on the physical power lather than the mental power

The rampant believe that the game requires a full-developed muscle is also one of those things that have made women participation even decline.  Although there is need of muscles in the neck and generally upper body, this does not go far, you only need enough practice and your body will be in a position of releasing enough endurance to long tiresome driving. Laying down winning strategies and taking control of the tyres is a trick suggested by Wolff one of the successful woman in formula 1 races.

A research shows that for you to be an outstanding formula 1 driver, you need about 30 percent of physical training and a round 70% of the mental training. What does this finding imply? Precisely it suggests that upon one allowing her brains to attain the necessary momentum she will be in a position to outdo the men counterparts even if they do not have the muscles. Yes there are risks involved but the exposure to such risks does not depend on one’s gender hence surely what a man can do a woman can do even better!

Concentrating on the mental training and set up is the first success towards women entry and participation in formula 1. Believing in their capability and giving them competitive cars are also some of the affirmative action that can be done to ensure a turnaround in the number of women in the formula 1 race. If  Lella Lombardi could qualify in 17 races with 12 starts and still get 0.5 points you can also qualify in the coming 16th to 18th formula 1 race in Austin Texas to prove to the world that women can; therefore take a step of faith, it is your time to win!


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  1. I presume so. I presume your article will provide those people an effective reminding. And they are going to express caused by you after

  2. Shajahan says:

    when women going to Moon,then its a simple steps for women.

  3. Shajahan says:

    There is no doubt that women are gonna conquer the world.

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