What’s New with Jenson Button

All hail to the 2011 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes (2nd placer, 270 points, and 3 wins) Jenson Alexander Lyons Button. Button is also the 2009 Formula One World Champion driving Brawn Grand Prix.

About Jens0n Button

Button was born on the 19th of January 1980 in Frome, Somerset in England and is currently residing in Monaco (a sovereign city state, located on the French Riviera in Western Europe). Standing 1.82m tall and weighing 70.5kg.

Button started karting by the age of eight (8) years old. Started his very first driving competition in 1989 in the British Super Prix where he ended up first place. He also won 34 races in the 1991 British Cadet Kart Championship. Succeeding success followed with three (3) triumphs in the British Open Kart Championship. The Ayrton Senna Memorial Cup in 1997 was bagged with the title of the most youngest driver to ever win the European Super A Championship.

Formula 1 History

Just to give you Formula 1 fanatics a better idea of who is Jenson Button and for those of you who doesn’t really know him, he is the 2011 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes (2nd placer, with 270 points, and 3 wins). 2010 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes (5th placer, with 240 points, and 2 wins). 2009 World Champion Brawn GP (95 points, 6 wins). 2008 Honda (18th, 3 points). 2007 Honda (15th, 6 points). 2006 Honda (6th, 56 points, 1 win). 2005 BAR Honda (9th, 37 points). 2004 BAR Honda (3rd, 85 points). 2003 BAR Honda (9th, 17 points). 2002 Renault (7th, 14 points). 2001 Bennetton Renault (17th, 2 points). And 2000 Williams BMW (8th, 12 points).

Now, does that ring a bell? Surely, Button has built his reputation in the world of Formula 1 Grand Prix.

But what’s the latest news about Button?

With the team under McLaren, they have launched their Lowe – designed 2013 car; having named to their technical director Paddy Lowe. And since there are speculations that the said technical director will end up in Mercedes team, according to button if in any cases they loss Lowe, McLaren can still come up with the loss.

Button on the other hand have expressed his excitement for this year’s Grand Prix – although he couldn’t determine the exact reason for his excitement, but one thing that Button looks forward to is with the fresh start he is to have for this year’s competition as he will be working with a new Team Mate where Button said: Obviously it is a challenge but good fun working with a good driver and sharing experiences.”

Most likely, Button’s excitement is explained by having bigger chances of winning a second world title as the enhancement of Hamilton’s departure took place. Considering the last season’s started with the fastest car on the grid. Button added: “The ’13 car is nicer, I prefer it – the steering I get through the corner, the feedback I get. To feel that so early on is unusual.”

So this is really something for us all Formula 1 Grand Prix enthusiasts to look forward!

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