Home Electronics: a place for all kinds of quality electronic products

Home Electronics becomes another prestigious sponsor of the 2013 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix that will kick off on April 19, 20, and 21. With less than 19 days in count down, everyone is anxiously waiting for the big event which will conquer Bahrain’s sand dunes very soon. This is indeed one of the most exciting events of Bahrain in 2013 which has kept spectators, organizers and sponsors on the edge of their seats. Home Electronics is also excited to become a part of this and taking every possible opportunity to connect with the people with their products and new offers.

Known as the largest electronics hypermarket in Bahrain, Home Electronics has become a prominent within a very short span of time. It was established in 2005 with a 5,500 a square meter Home Electronics showroom in Isa Town. It is operated by the famous Nader & Ebrahim S/O Hassan Co. (NEH) W.L.L. which is commonly known as NEH. It has a diversified portfolio of different activities including but limiting to trading, leisure, retail, computer solutions, electronics, real estate and many more. However, their electronics retail chain, Home Electronics is one of the most popular ones. Home Electronics has a very innovative marketing strategy and it targets only the smart buyers who prefer convenience of buying everything from a single place. People in Bahrain only go to this shop to buy a wide range of electronic consumer products ranging from home theatre systems, LCD and Plasma, flat screens and regular televisions, DVD Players, video recorders, music systems, cordless telephones, speakers, amplifiers, home appliances, IT gadgets and high tech gizmos, etc. This is why; their sales people always say that “name it, we have it” and you will definitely not get disappointed with their claim.

Although you will find some other competitors who also trade in the same business, Home Electronics steps out in the crowd with their dedication to product quality, excellent after sales service and an amazing shopping experience in their retail outlet. Another thing that work as a competitive advantage for Home Electronic is their product collection which is second to none in Bahrain. This is one of the shops where you will find perfumes, toys, cameras, TVs, freezer, microwaves, air conditioner, washing machines, and also health care and fitness products in a single place. Besides ensuring quality, Home Electronics is regularly coming up with new promotions and offers for their new and regular clients as well. In line with their promotion, they have become the sponsor of 2013 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix along with some of the most popular names in Bahrain and international arena. They are also going to announce some special deals for the upcoming event as well.

If you didn’t know, there are a number of contests taking place around this racing event. Among which, “Snap a Shot at Flashing Bahrain” is creating a big buzz. In this contest, you can win some amazing prizes if any of your pictures on the racing is shared the highest times. So this is probably a perfect time to grab a quality camera from Home Electronics and jump into the contest.

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