History of Austin, Texas

To someone who is planning to go for the formula 1 race in Austin Texas, you may be wondering about many things in this great venue, definitely there is enough that you will learn in this amazing event which is just around the corner. To the fans who are looking for information, you need to clearly get the history of this venue so that you will relate with what you will see in Austin during this coming formula 1 sports. You have all the reasons of inquiring to get an idea about the advancement that Austin has undergone to be where it is currently. To start with, Austin is among the first four largest cities in US. “Rome was not built in a single day”, so was Austin Texas. All that you will see during the formula 1 race did not start yesterday, surely it has undergone many steps to be where it is hence the history.

The City is established along Colorado River. Initially native nomadic tribes of America occupied it. Settlement in Austin kicked off in 1835, although in the 19 th century, the establishment of the Texas university enabled it to grow to educational and commerce center. Now Austin a significant metropolis and a re-branded “live music capital of the world” due to the escalating number of musicians is here for your exploration during the formula 1 sports.


The first step started with a settlement known as waterloo, which was mainly inhabited by immigrants from Germany, Mexico and Sweden. In 1839, renaming of this establishment resulted to expansion and building of many buildings, which gave the city it’s magnificent look. Building of structures mainly houses continued up to around 1888 upon building of Texas University, which transformed the city onto an educational center. This is the period when the seventh ranked largest building in the world was established i.e. the capitol building that you will enjoy once you are in Austin Texas for your formula 1 races.

Technological development

1950 was a great technological expansion year when Austin made great technological steps. Apart from technological companies starting moving into the area theaters and libraries were established to empower the Austin citizens with knowledge, which later transformed this city into the postmodern cities of the world.

In the 20th century the majorly of black Americans occupied the city of Austin making the university of Texas to admit the first Africans. Later a demonstration was staged which was aimed to end discrimination in the university hence opened way for all races.

1970 to the 1989

The city of Austin developed greatly until the late 1980’s, this was brought to control, with the emergence of the savings crisis, and this is the period which most magnificent infrastructures were developed in the city.

The environmentalists really contributed towards preservation of the city in terms protecting its natural resources and hedging against degradation hence development of the super up features, which you will see in the streets of Texas.

In conclusion, you have to dig deep down into the roots of Austin to enjoy and understand in your coming visit during the formula 1 visit.



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