Recent GP happenings in Abu Dhabi

Preparation for formula 1 race which is to take place in Austin Texas are underway, the drivers are doing their qualifying races and the final touches before the material days i.e. 16th to 18th  on November 2012. The formula 1 race in Abu Dhabi is the kick start to the next few days race in Austin Texas. The Sunday race was the real gist of the game as the drivers were on their wheel ensuring they get that first place. To some drivers excitement of success was seen, while others blames of failure to beat the target was the order of the day. But do you know the results of the Sunday race? If you don’t have an idea, you better read through!

The following are the current events in Abu Dhabi in the formula 1 race.

On Saturday, McLaren’s Hamilton won the grand prix a head of the present points head Sebastian who due to insufficient fuel in his car was excluded from the qualifying race. Hamilton who was very happy having come a head of the pro drivers like Mark Webber claimed that he was in a transition from his McLaren to adopt a more promising Mercedes Benz.

His serious competitors who managed to win in the past three grand Prix i.e. in the last grand Prix in Japan, Korea and India, came third in the qualifying race a position which he still maintained in the final race on Sunday in Abu Dhabi.
Hamilton was unfortunate last May in the Spanish Prix held in Barcelona when he ran short of fuel and managed to come eight. His team has won in the first and third qualifying races making him the fastest in the three segments in Abu Dhabi GP. According to the driver, his success cannot be attributed to any improvement done to the car but mainly luck and the wheel power of the car. But did he see the same success in the Sunday race?The qualifying race was a tough one for the 13-point Vettel over the famous Fernando Alonso. The two times defending champion who finished the third position during the qualifying race, slowed down following a command from the team radio forcing him to pull to the other side a thing which probably made him not to take his formula 1 lead a thing which he has done severally before. This means that he was disadvantaged, to rank behind other cars during the Sunday race which made him to come the third position a race dominated by  Kimi Raikkonen a head of all the other drivers.

There is a controversy in the case investigating the claims by Vettel, the main challenge being the fact that his car had no enough fuel to enable the investigations whether the order to stop was that of force majeure or not.

Vettel’s star started shinning back in Singapore when he first won in the formula 1 race, this was reflected in Japan, then India and Korea in the consecutive sessions. However, did this long time star prove his speed in the Sunday race? Does he still have an excuse to defend his performance this time again? No Vettel actually took the third position behind Alonso who still seriously eyes the first position. The happiest of them all was Kimi Raikkonen who took the first position a head of very competitive drivers who hold a long record of good performance in the race.
Webber was also successful as he came closer to Hamilton during the qualifying hits which gave him a better standing at the beginning of the race a thing which he did not prove at the end of that Sunday race in Abu Dhabi.

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