Hamilton leaving McLaren for Mercedes

The twenty seven year old Lewis Hamilton has proved to be a champion by winning twenty one races for McLaren, which has ranked the team on top of the edge. However, this results might change or not after Hamilton making a difficult decision to run for the fellow competitors Mercedes. According to McLaren chairperson, Hamilton decision to leave was based on he’s own personal interest and did not lack any facilities or conditions that he could find with the Mercedes team. Hamilton has not become a rival; neither is the team wishing him all the best, since McLaren is not ready to give up the top spot.

This will not cause any complications at all, however, new changes are expected since McLaren   needs someone to replace Hamilton’s seat. Ron Dennis did not have a Backup plan for such a scenario, but he has everything figured out by replacing Lewis Hamilton with Sauber’s Sergio. In two thousand and five, he become fourteenth in formula one BMW ADAC holding on to one podium. Last season was a great time for Sergio Perez after finishing second in Malaysia, due to this astounding results McLaren are willing to sign him up with the team.

Lewis Hamilton is not the only one who will be replaced, as his decision would seem to interfere with Michael Schumacher’s career. The seven times champion is not ready to let go the steering wheel yet and Sauber is interested in him. Hamilton team mate this season will be Nico Rosberg who is interested to race alongside Lewis Hamilton, as much as he is. Mercedes says that this will create a great combination on the track and make the race more challenging for the team.

Formula one may take a new course in this year of 2013, with high expectations and a title to catch. McLaren have a reputation to maintain, while Mercedes have new expectations from Lewis Hamilton. Sauber is not left behind as these midfield contenders expect to perform better than last year if they happen to sign up Michael Schumacher to take the place of Sergio Perez.

Why did Hamilton sign up for Mercedes is a question that still remains unanswered. Is it that Mercedes offers better conditions than McLaren or is it that Lewis Hamilton want a different experience. McLaren would have prolonged his stay, but the team easily let go their fellow associate after thirteen years. Hamilton still considers McLaren to be his home team and says that he looks forward to race again for McLaren in the future.

Nothing has changed the fact that the rules are still the same according the Kimi Raikkonen, what is important is the performance and the overall best. Twenty thirteen formula one is expected to be stiff and competitive, as every team is determined to win and no room for the second spot. What Hamilton did is not wrong and one has to make tough decisions to make it through to the next level. Lewis says he has no regrets and looks forward to a bright future with Mercedes as he’s best luck.

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