Formula 1 Racing Events in Austin during the Dates – Nov 16-18

formula 1 racing

Austin, Texas is indeed the place to be. With its numerous tourist destinations and beautiful spots, you can’t trade your experience as you visit this place in Austin.  Beyond those great views and travel destinations, who wouldn’t recognize some of their awaited events? One of these much expected events is the formula racing events in Austin during the dates – Nov 16-18.

 If you are a car racer or just a fan of watching car racing, formula 1 car racing is pretty much familiar with you. Of course, who wouldn’t recognize such prestige and famous car racing here in Austin, Texas? Undeniably, a great number of people not only in Texas but across the world are waiting to witness this 3 day huge car racing event that is coming this November. Well, you better watch it live because the thrill that you will experience on television will double or even goes triple in the real scene.

The electrifying vibe you will feel as you experience the F1 racing in Austin, Texas is really hard to convey or put into words. The engine’s sound and roar, the crowd’s joy and scream are indeed remarkable. Watching on TV is not enough. You might as well have goose bumps when you will witness it in actual. So don’t just sit there and relax, go and pick your racing tickets and experience it yourself. formula 1 racing

This November, F1 will conquer Texas in the new Circuit of the Americas complex. This is the one and only purpose-built facility in the U.S. This is situated in about 83 miles from the cultured filled San Antonio City center. This big event is anticipated to cater over 300,000 audience all over the world this coming November 16-18, 2012. This event is the first one Formula 1 has been made together with the Circuit of the Americas in their 10-year contract. The location is strictly picked for the race enthusiast to not only witness this amazing event but to have great access on the restaurants shops and malls to get their needs as the race is about to begin.

Surely, car racers are preparing their very own formula 1 car now to drive and race on this 3 day event. On November 16 day 1, racers will all be preparing for the upcoming race in where they can have two sets of practices, the first one will be around 10:00-11:30 and the second practice will be 14:00 – 15:30. On the 2nd day, November 17, the third practice will be around 09:00 – 10:00 and on the 12:00 noon, the qualification process will start and on the 3rd day, November 18, the race will officially begin.

The engines are ready, wheels are all set, the overall looks of the car are fully furnished and the racers are all eager to go first to the finish line. As one is planning for it, the level of excitement comes on its peak. So the question is, are you ready to witness and be part of formula 1 racing events in Austin during the dates – Nov 16-18? Well, you wouldn’t trade this 3-day spectacular event that will only happen here in Austin, Texas. Go and grab you own ticket now and prepare for that most awaited car racing events this coming Nov. 16-18.

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