Formula 1 action moving to Suzuka, Japan

Following exciting racing competitions, 15th round of the FIA Formula One World Championship will be a tough challenge for competitors. The momentum now shifts from Korea to Japan and the racers will make their way on one of the classic racing circuit Suzuka. It is loved by drivers and fans alike. Of all the venues on F1 calendar, it is one of the most popular.

Suzuka is so popular because it demands more from the drivers. It is a track that is long, fast and has tight turns. It demands an excellent performance from tires to stay on the track. Outside of the tires have to handle 800kg of load because of going through series of hard turns. Going through the track, the brakes have to be utilized carefully as there are not many intense braking zones.

Suzuka is designed in an old-style kind of circuit. It is a real challenge for the drivers to handle the car, it requires above average skills to successfully overtake here. Drivers have to be careful to avoid mistakes.

Sector 1 of the track demands control of level of downforce and fuel loads, Sector 3 is all about drag. The corners need to be taken out with high speed; the track is overall designed to put high energy on tires, because of which they can wear them down.

Considering the chance of rain shower, last year a new water drainage system was installed on the surface of the track. This system may be of use this year, although, there is not much chance of rain this year. Strom DANAS is moving towards Japan, it will hit the coastline soon. But it will not bring any problems to the racing since it should pass early on. Although there can be a problem, if the forecasts are not accurate and the storm changed its speed or direction.

Suzuka not only demands the mind work from the drivers, it is as challenging for the cars as well. Mechanical stiffness, aerodynamic balance and high speed stability, all is required to perform. The most important part of the car on this track is strong front end aerodynamically, to ready the car to hit next upcoming turn. The car will be hard to drive when going through long corner like Spoon.

Basically if you find it fun to drive through Esses, you will be feeling good on the track as these parts of the track are made difficult.

Suzuka is a track that has always blessed Red Bull in the past. Vettel has dominated this track in the past; he has won three out of the past four races here. Out of the six races, he has won three and reached a third place, he will be extending his podium appearance to five this weekend. Next it’s Fernando Alonso, who has won two races and has made three podium appearances.

All the drivers and teams are looking ahead to Suzuka. Fans are expecting another exciting competition here. Let’s see whether Vettel can be stopped this year or he will again take the crown. We will be looking forward towards the 15 round of the FIA Formula One World Championship.

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