Easy access roads around the COTA- Know exactly which routes you will use to access your Formula 1 Austin Texas Venue!

The Austin Texas Formula 1 day is almost here, as the clock tickles towards the 16th to the 18th of November, there are so many things that you should be aware of. Understanding the routes which you will use to access the COTA is one of the most vital things. Your enjoyment and fun purely lies in the convenience that you will create for yourself during your long waited visit to Austin Texas racing event. There are various determinants which will determine the route that you will use during your visit to Austin Texas Formula 1 venue. Some of the most crucial determinants is where your parking space will be, the means of transport that you will use i.e. the buses, private vehicles, pedestrian or the bicycles. Understanding the applicable routes for you is the first thing that you will have to take into consideration even before thinking the turn which you will occupy once you are in the COTA.

The routes to use will depend on the type of parking that you have booked prior your entry to Austin Texas for formula 1 race. Having an onsite parking permit will not only guarantee you parking space but will also enable you to have easy entry and exit to and from the Formula 1 fields. There will be no discrimination for the disabled, Texas prevails an opportunity for all to enjoy the just approaching formula 1 race, these people will have their parking upon submitting some necessary documents to COTA. Having the onsite permit will not be enough; you are required to obtain a TXTag before the day on the event. This toll tag will enable you to use the Road SH 130 hence avoiding unnecessary stress on your entry into and from the fields. To book for your vehicle log to http://www.txtag.org/ and for the disabled people send your ID to info@circuitoftheamericas.com

Once everything is ready, then you will be required to use the following roads depending on where you will park around the field.

  1. Lots A,B,C,D,F, and Q you will use
  2. Users of parking E,F,G,H,J, and K they will use
  3. Those who will park in lots L,M,N, or P they are expected to use the following routes
  • US 183 to FM 812
  • NB SH 21 to FM 812
  • SB SH 21 to FM 812
  • NB SH 130 to FM 812
  • SB SH 130 to FM 812
  • SB SH 130 to Pearce to Kellam
  • NB SH 130 to Peace to Kellam
  • SH 71 to Wolf to Pearce to Kella
  • SH 21 to FM 535 to Kellam
  • NB SH 21 to FM 812
  • SB SH 21 to FM 812
  • SH 71 to Wolf to Fagerquist to Elroy Road
  • SH 21 to FM 535 to Wolf to Fagerquist to Elroy Road

For those people who will use the public transport, the shuttles are your choice as they are the recommended one for this event. Operators of these shuttles will be required to get a permit which will allow them to park around the fields. If you have purchased the Grandstand Bleacher you will not pay for this bus, you only need to avail yourself at the right picking and dropping points.

Map showing the shuttle locations, avoid stress of limited space use the supplementary shuttles!

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