More details of the F1 2012 arrangements

Master plan at circuit of americas
The Circuit of Americas is no dream anymore! All roads are leading to this amazing engineering wonders.  With a spectacular new 3.4 miles long track, it stands to be the brand new Americas formula 1 and economic hub. After a long 10 years of waiting for the formula 1 race, everybody is looking forward for this day: November 16 to18, 2012. Having been given a 10 year-contract by formula 1, the Circuit of Americas inventors has done everything to ensure that the mega day will bring out the exponential bliss as per the fans expectations.

The circuit of America features 20 turns with an explicit elevation of precisely 133 feet! With its amazing features it has escalated, Austin’s capital glory and placed it among the famous cities lists like Monte Carlo Shanghai and Abu Dhabi, which are famous of formula one racing.

Here is a magnificent look of the Circuit of Americas track. Isn’t it incredible?

 Master plan at circuit of americas

As the formula 1 drivers warm up for this great day, you also need to warm up for this event! Let’s check the internal view of this circuit. It’s one hell of a piece of work as some would say! The engineers have not disappointed us. With an ample capacity to hold more than 120,000 fans, it has grandstand seating and premium seating. In addition, it also has a premium packing. The map below will give you a good dimension of what you expect in the grand expo.

 The track of Circuit of Americas

Some may be wondering, where do I get my ticket from, for this mega show? Relax; you can have your tickets from any authorized dealer, either online or from the ticket booking office near you. In fact, once you have the ticket in your hands, it does not matter the point of your ticket in the Circuit of America, A wonderful exploration of the track is assurance. The track has a three-mile footpath available to ticketed patrons, and this will give you an opportunity to view every turn.  Did you know that the facility also houses other non-race facilities like Karting Track and private Motorsport-Driving-Club? If No, be braced for this too!

How do you get there?

The whole place will be full of activities buzz. Nevertheless, this does not mean you will miss your opportunity to get there. Hundred of buses will be ferrying fans right from downtown Austin and Travis County Expo Center. This is because packing will be limited. Therefore, you had better be early enough to catch the first bus to the expo! In addition, helicopter and six helipads will be available for transport from Austin to the circuit.

If you intend to drive to the Circuit of Americas from Cesar Chavez St. or I-35, take first Cesar Chavez St. east about 2.9 miles, then ramp onto Airport Blvd.0.6 miles, keep left at fork and follow the signs for US 183 S, them merge onto 183 S 5.7 miles and then turn to your left on FM812 4.1 miles. Now by here, you will be home and dry! For a great precise direction, check this map.

Let us look at the grand prix. It all starts with a knock out system (qualifying system). This is composed of three periods. Note, no refueling is allowed in the qualifying race. In the 1st period, all the 24 cars will compete. All the last 7 slowest cars will be eliminated. In the second period, the remaining cars take part and the elimination criterion adopted. Now, the remaining 10 cars will now compete for the pole position in the third period. Eventually, the actual race will be on and the first driver to touch the finish line takes the medal.



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