Comprehensive overview of the Formula One 2014 Season

With the 2013 formula 1 almost coming to an end and Sebastian Vettel virtually being crowned as the winner of this season’s championship, let us now shift our focus to the next season scheduled to begin from Australia on 16th of March. Next year’s formula 1 is possibly emerging as one of the most exciting season in formula 1, with a lot of changes being planned and some of them already announced. With scores of retirements and addition of fresh blood into teams plus not to forget that this year, America makes a comeback with its Austin race track, phew! We have brought a comprehensive list of what is going to happen in the next season so as to bring you the whole host of changes that are being planned.


Changes in the Rules


 The most important change will be that of the engines. For the first time since 1988, turbocharged engines will be allowed. Next year’s engines will feature the 1.6 liter V6 with 8 speed semi-automatic gearbox.

 The minimum weight of cars has been increased from 642kg to 690kg

 The much publicized KERS system has been rechristened to ERS-K. It will be incorporated into the design and its power will be augmented by integrating it with a new entrant ERS (Energy Recovery System). The ERS which has been introduced for the first time captures the heat which
has been dispelled by the exhaust turbocharger. The combined duo gives a massive 161bhp for nearly 33sec in comparison to the traditional 80bhp for 6 sec per lap.

 Changes have also been made to the exhaust with the outlet now angled upwards more towards the rear wing thereby making the use of exhaust blown diffusers very difficult.

Sporting Rules

 A new penalty system for penalizing teams that indulges in driving offences. This system proposes to have pre-determined penalties for offences committed with the drivers facing a potential race ban after accumulation of roughly twenty points.

 Massive reduction in the amount of engines available to the drivers per season. In 2014, drivers will have to make with only 5 engines in comparison to this year’s 8 engines. Penalty for exceeding the engine quota is to start form the pit lane

 The pit lane speed has been further reduced from its earlier 100kmph to 80kmph

 The Young Drivers tests which was supposed to the platform for budding racers has been scrapped; instead, the practice session has been extended by half an hour in order to give teams enough time to field their youngest drivers.

Calendar Changes

 Several older Grand prix are scheduled to make a return this year

 The Grand Prix of Mexico returns back to the calendar after a marked 22 year absence

 The Hockenheimring circuit of Germany is scheduled to make a comeback in accordance to alternating circuit model of Germany

 The high profile Grand Prix of America also makes its comeback with the Circuit of the Americas in Austin , Texas

 Indian Grand Prix gives the season a miss with its scheduled comeback in 2015.

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