Get a Comprehensive Comparison of Various Accommodation Places in Texas


First things first, accommodation is one of the most important thing that you will have to secure before settling in Austin Texas during the coming formula 1 race. This may sound easy but very challenging indeed, your enjoyment and success in Austin is entirely dependent on the quality of the room, space, hygiene of the house, proximity to formula 1 fields and the cost that you will incur.

Getting idea of these accommodations in terms of the above variables will be of great benefit when you are making a decision of the best accommodation in which you will invest.
The following is a closer analysis of the best accommodation in the great Austin Texas!

The hotels that are outstanding in terms of service delivery and customer satisfaction include;

  • The four full seasons extraordinary  Hotel Austin
  • Driskill
  • Hilton Hotel
  • Omni
  • Radisson Hotel

The above accommodations differ in terms of the services they offer, proximity in relation to formula 1 field and even prices. Here is the analysis of these Hotels that will help you get a closer comparison between them.


The four full seasons extraordinary Hotel Austin

This facility was established back in the 1987 along a lake i.e. the Lady Bird.

It offers clean and hygienically outstanding suites that will give you the value for your money during this coming formula 1 event in Austin. The location of this accommodation will give you a full amazing view of Lady Bird great lake on top of attractive Austin’s skyline.


The Driskill accommodation

This in a significant marker of the heart of Austin, the 1886 hotel has stood the test of time in terms of service delivery and customer satisfaction. Due to its focus and determination to ensure the set standards are met; Driskill is ranked among the world’s aristocratic hotels. This Hotel is located in the downtown of Austin in the 6th street Brazos corner; which makes the deal for the formula 1 visitor more friendly and near to the main event fields. This is an aesthetic threat that you can have.

The interior view has a great marble and amazing accustomed furniture will suit your requirements.

An interior view of a suite in Driskill

If you need to reside next to Austin great convention center during your formula 1 extravaganza, this is the best place for you. It is located next to great 6th street. A part from the fact that it is pocket friendly must settle accommodation, this hotel is located near best site where you can enjoy best attractions, shopping malls hence saving you the extra cost of travelling far if you need to do shopping. In Hilton hotel, you will get different rooms which you will choose according to your budget e.g. King beds or the general guest rooms.

An external view of Hilton

Finally, if you are a risk averse type of a person, guided by a stringent budget, an all- inclusive hotels can give you the best treat. This package will involve airfare, other transport from the airport, recreation facilities, staying charges and food and drinks charges etc. Come and experience Austin’s best deals during formula 1!

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