Can We Carry Food During The F1 Race?

The clock is ticking….tick tock… tick tock… and the long awaited 16th November is just around the corner. Our adrenalin is rising as we anticipate the grand prix results. FI sport is a historic event, which you cannot by any chance miss to attend, and as you prepare for this, you need to think about where you will get your accommodation, food and other necessities for the weekend expo period, which the racing will be happening. In this case, it becomes imperative to make a decision on where you will dine.

The big question is, can you carry food during the FI race? Ooh, yes this is possible. In fact, if you are a local, and you intend to commute from home to the Circuit of America, you can opt to prepare your lunch home and bring it along. This may be a cheap arrangement as compared to buying foods from the restaurants that will have hiked their margin due to the high demand during the race. You can imagine more than 120,000 people in attendance. Why don’t you avoid the hassle and take your meal comfortably at your own convenience?

Is you are a visitor here, no cause of alarm. Austin is ready to meet your stomach needs. To start with, the Circuit of America Experiences Ticket packages has an exclusive and customized hotel accommodation option in both San Antonio and Austin finest hotels, which are strategically located around the Circuit of America. This varies with the package chosen, with upgrade available. This means that you will get your full catering services from these hotels and you do not have to worry about hunger anymore. All you need is to concentrate your efforts on the formula one racing cars on the track. For more arrangements, you can call toll free Skype 1-866-801-6975.

If the above is not available and yet you cannot be able to carry your own food, you can try downtown and central Austin. Here you will find upscale restaurants and even small trailers, which will serve you great food. Some of these hotels, which you can try out, are Carrob’s Café where they serve breakfast tacos, pancakes and omelets up all day, with prices ranging from $7 to $15.

Thai Fresh Restaurant also serves papaya salad, south East Asian dishes and curries. You can get more restaurants, which will give you diverse food types from I guarantee you that food will be no problem during the exponential thrilling grand prix. In addition to the above outlined sources, many entreprnuers are planning to set sophisticated restaurants, which will be exclusive for the formula one event. This will touch all foods from different countries across the world and I can bet on the fact that you will have all your best in the COTA. Other guidelines, which may give you some of the best dinning places in Austin Texas, may include among others. So now, I believe you can have a better choice, whether to carry food or source it from the restaurants.

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  1. Warren Peck says:

    Actually, according to CotA, the only thing you can bring in is a sealed bottle of water. Here is the link:

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