Why Austin Texas For Formula One?

The famous town of Austin is yet again portraying its meticulous groly again. Save the musical aspect of the city, formula  one is the new kid in the block this time in Austin Texas. This is an event , which will put Austin in the global map as a formula one arena. But all this have not been achieved without challenges. The fact that the grand prix is around the corner, does not  negate all the ups and downs the organizers and developers of the Circuit of Americas has undergone to put all things in place for the upcoming mega event. But what are the reasons that made the organizers bring the formula one race in Austin against all odds?

Being a topic of utter controversies and questionable activities and actions of the organizers, many people including the locals are not convinced that the track will be completed and ready for the race come the grand day.

After all, New York has been the historical home for the event! Nevertheless the reasons are uncontestable. To start with, the city and the state are well prepared to back the event with bounty of financial support. From the state comptroller to the governor and on down the line, all are in support of the project.

In addition, the Circuit of America is specifically made for formula one racing. On the contrary, if the event was to happen in the infamous New York, It would have taken place in either Watkins Glen or Monticello, which are not specifically designed for formula one racing and cannot provide the exemplary modern amenities which Austin will offer.

Location is also something to consider.

With its accessibility, it is one of the best places to be hosting the formula one race. It makes it easier to share the event with South, North and Central American fans. If the event by any chance was to be held in New York, it would target a same market with the Canadian Grand Prix. Jonathan Green  who is a renowened  formula one commentator asserted “It’s an expensive endeavor, to build a track, $250 million let’s say, maybe even more. It’s not an easy undertaking, but I think Austin is at the right place at the right time” This shows that the organizers were in place when contemplating about the event.
As we all look forward for this thrilling event it’s good to have it in our mind that we are in the right place at the right time, unlock our sport feelings and brace the extreme wheel screech as the cars snakes up and down the spectacular track! All the best!Austin is also an expansive state and also a developed one.This will provide suitable packing and space to accommodate all the fans without much pressure. This may also underscore the experts thinking. By holding the formula one event in Austin, it will be quite beneficial to both the city’s economy and the residents.

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