Actual F1 tire for sale- are you looking for any?

Do you know the variables that determine your success in any formula 1 race? Have you ever imagined the power in the formula 1 tires? Do you know of the best model of tires tailor made for the formula 1 race?

A tire is not only a tire, but also how it suits your intended use. For the formula 1 tires, you have to make that best selection to avoid exposing your life to danger and frustration about not crossing the finish line first. This write-up focuses on the best tires that can give you service and ensure you realize your winning dreams during your desired formula 1 race.

Dry weather tires- these tires are suitable for dry weather and they have a tread pattern that does not have blocks and channels. They come in four types i.e. soft, super soft, medium and hard. The many types mean that the tires are best suited for a variety of routes, according to the type of tarmac, number of corners and their rigorousness. It also allows the use of wide range of tactic by the team.The tires of this year are a bit different from 2011 the modernization of 2012 includes names and colors of the tires. Below is a variety of tires for sale for 2012 formula 1.

Wet weather tires- these are well suited for the wet season. The two wet weather types will take the Cinturato name. They will exhibit the following features,

  • It will contain the full wet tires
  • Known by the blue marking on the side and the intermediary one symbolized by green markings.
  • The four efficient compounds will still be called P Zero and maintain the same color as last year i.e. silver, white, yellow and red representing hard, medium, soft and super soft respectively.

P Zero Red- super soft for the street routes it is the only one unchanged since  2011. It is flexible and offers high performance on twisty routes with slippery tarmac.

P Zero Yellow-softer with less sweltering its well suited for routes with low tire wear. It is made to offer a high level of grip together with a significant amount of squalor, which results to a short life span that gives the team a great number of options. Compared with last year, the new soft offers great thermal resistance to decrease the risk of sizzling. It was first tested in Abu Dhabi Grand Prix during the practice. Coupled with the new medium tire the couple offers a great deal of elasticity and a brisk warm up time.

P Zero white- it is suitable for all conditions. It adapts itself to all sorts of track conditions especially when the route and tarmac conditions are unpredictable. The new P Zero white is proposed for high temperatures and rough surfaces. It was tried last year on the German Grand Prix and also AbuDhabi during the young drivers test.

Now you are empowered, you have the information about the available tires, can you be able to make a suitable choice?

P Zero Silver-they are hard but not inflexible. They guarantee maximum durability and least degradation coupled with optimal resistance to extreme conditions. It is ideal for long runs and suited for rough circuits and high temperatures. It was tested in Barcelona by Pirelli’s test driver and it the only one that the regular drivers have not experienced.

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